Family cooking

Homemade honeycomb toffee using our Tupperware tools

So much easier with non-stick Tupperware tools! Ingredients 2 Cups Sugar 1/2 Cup Light Corn Syrup 1/3 Cup Water 1 Tbsp. Baking Soda Dark Chocolate Sea Salt/Maldon Salt Candy Thermometer Preparation In a 5.7L Chef Serie Dutch oven, over medium/high heat, combine sugar, corn syrup, and water. Stir to incorporate with the silcone spatula, then leave … Continue reading Homemade honeycomb toffee using our Tupperware tools

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Apple or Berry crumble

Easy to make using the TupperWave of a Deep Large Vent’N Serve Ingredients 6-8 apples Cinnamon Vanilla Seasoning 1 cup flour 1 cup rolled oats ½ cup brown sugar ½ cup of butter Maple syrup (optional) Berries (optional) Préparation Using the universal peeler, peel the apples. Cut apples into slices. Place apples slices in the 3L TupperWave container and … Continue reading Apple or Berry crumble

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