Camping with Tupperware!

When camping, no one wants the meal times to be complicated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy! Proper planning before your departure and a few tips to make sure you bring the RIGHT containers, the essentials, will allow you to prepare delicious and healthy meals in a flash!

Go ahead, take your Tupperware containers out for some fresh air!

First, choose containers that are square or rectangular, they allow you to maximize the available space, but it’s also important to bring a few round ones for their airtight seal.

Only take out the frozen items at the very last minute (a maximum of frozen items will allow you to keep your cooler much colder and with any extra ice), that way you can restock on ice only on 2!

Use airtight containers to store a lighter, newspaper, matches and toilet paper. Like the Large Carry-All with handle or a Modular Mate rectangle 4. You’ll need 2 Quick Shake containers:

  1. For a dozen small eggs, broken but not mixed (the eggs will come out one at the time when you’re ready to use them) to avoid the cardboard box from being soaked and ripped apart.
  2. For some pancake batter that you will have prepared in advance, you’ll have a hearty breakfast that will be the envy of your neighbors!

A Slim Line Pitcher, or 3 1L ECO bottles for milk, juice and water. Don’t forget to transfer a bottle of wine to a 750mL ECO bottle!

Mini Stuffables Set (250-500 and 750 mL), for yogurt and or for a fresh baguette of bread (sliced)

Hamburger keepers with frozen patties

FridgeSmarts for your fruits and veggies

Place your marshmallows in a Super Cereal Sorer

Fridge Stackable set:

  • 1 level for sausages
  • 1 level for fresh deli meats
  • 1 level for cheese

Season Serve container (junior or regular) containing your marinated frozen meats

The Freezer Mates collection really eliminates wasted space!

  • Large Freezer Mate for bread
  • Small 1 Freezer Mate for coffee and sugar
  • Mini Freezer Mates for butter and/or margarine

Modular Mates Super Oval 1 or 2: One for your cooking utensils, and one for your eating utensils

Modular Mates Super Oval 1 with Pour-all seal for rice

Modular Mates Rectangle 2 for chips that keep their crisp!

Modular Mates Rectangle 2 for napkins, dishcloths, kitchen towels

Salt and Pepper shakers

Flatout containers can serve as bowls







With all these tricks and tips you can now say that camping means simplicity and great food!

Have a good camping!

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