Homemade baby food simplified thanks to our Tupperware tools

Making your own baby food offers many advantages: reduces costs, quality and quantity control, and it doesn’t have to be a chore thanks to our Tupperware tools!


  1. Place food in the SmartSteamer and cook in the microwave according to times specified in the chart below.
  2. Once the food is cooked, place in the PowerChef and chop until you obtain the desired texture of puree.*
  3. Congeler dans le bac à glaçons, puis conservez dans les contenants Freeze-it pour avoir de délicieuses purées à portée de main en tout temps!


*The 2015 version of From Tiny tot to toddler recommends exposing your child to different textures gradually, according to his abilities, so that he can accept a wide variety of textures by the age of 1. According to his abilities also means that the purees don’t have to be perfectly smooth, even when they start on solids. Some babies accept quickly purees that are thicker and with more texture.

To order the products used in this recipe, click on the images below:

Intelli-Vap ExtraChef ens complet Bacs a glaçons
Freeze-it ens famillial


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