Tupperware on the patio!

A lot of people think that today’s Tupperware products are no different that their grand mother’s….

Fortunately, the company has developed different product collections that enable us to host at home with a table setup for special occasions, even in the summer outside on the patio!

A contemporary, practical and always elegant design!


Acrylic products such as the Ice Prisms collection and the exclusively for hosts summer fun set are indeed great examples of sparkling, stylish and functional products. Aside from being nice, they are also virtually unbreakable and light. In addition, we like they’re practical side because they come with seals for easy transport and storage. It’s much more relaxing to have family and friends over when you know that your dishware isn’t fragile and that it won’t require messy transfer from the serving bowl to the storage bowl.

Exclusivity for hosts – summer fun set

Around the pool or on the patio, it’s also reassuring to know that none of our dishes will fall and brake and leave little shards behind for our bare foots to find. The floating bowls are a must in order to keep the snacks and cool beverages in the pool.

ensemble-plaisirs-eteOur serving center set is one of our products that show the most versatility. It’s mostly known to serve veggies and dip, but it can serve for a lot of other things as well. You can serve fruits with a maple or chocolate dip, use it to set the table for fajitas night, it can also be used for fondue or raclette (with ice in the upside down lid to keep your meats fresh). You can fill it up with snacks (nuts, dried fruits, pretzel, cut cheese pieces, etc.), you can place lettuce in the upside down lid and all the ingredients for a salad bar in the other compartments, that way every guest get’s their salad just the way they want it. But children will be thrilled if you use the serving center set as a sundae bar! It’s one of my favorite Tupperware party themes for the summer. Another alternative is, when making kebabs, why not let your guests build their own kebabs? Have all the ingredients (beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and even the sauce) setup in the sections: you’ll have satisfied guest and less work to be done in advance!


The Impressions classic bowls come in many size (from individual to extra large). They are perfect to serve different salads, and because they come with lids, they easy to bring at family and friend gatherings. They also make beautiful punch bowls and we can even use them to make Ice bowls in which you can place a few lettuce leafs at the bottom then place the shrimp cocktail with it’s sauce.

A plastic pitcher with a lid, like the Tupperware Impressions pitcher or the Classic sheer 1 gal pitcher, keeps our beverages safe from dust, pollen, grass and insects. Drinking in tumblers with lids, like the impression tumblers with drip-less straw seals and the summer fun tumblers with lip-top spouts keep our sangria, punch, iced tea, and juice fresher longer. We can enjoy summer while staying hydrated!

plateau-hoteWhat better way to enjoy your summer vacation than with a park or beach picnic with family and friends! Everyone can take a lunch box instead of having to carry around a heavy cooler. To each his own: favorite drinks in individual tumblers, sandwiches or quiche pieces in the sandwich keepers, once open they make a plate with dividers to hold vegetables or a side salad. A small piece of cake, or yogurt in a snack cup make for a great and fresh dessert. The kids will be well equipped and it’ll give them a sense of responsibility.

Lastly, for all BBQ grilling needs, you’ll appreciate having on hand the salt and pepper shakers, the square pick-a-deli for pickles, olives, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, marinated eggs. The season-serve container and the Hamburger press and keepers set.

saliere-poivriere marinadier100x100 plat_mariner garde-hamburger

Being well prepared saves time, money and energy. Cook and serve in a relaxed environment this summer! Enjoy it and have a good summer!

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