My Tupperware journey

Having completed 2 bachelors and 1 master’s degree in the History of Medicine, nothing in my life foreshadowed that I was going to sell plastic containers for a living. Nonetheless, it’s while I was completing my 3rd bachelor’s degree in Midwife studies that Tupperware came into my life.

I needed to find a way to payoff my student loans. All the while, motivated by my desire to help women’s causes, I was searching for a way to rally them to a common purpose; caring and sharing. I had the idea to organize a Tupperware party like my mother did back in the day.

After the Tupperware party experience, I discovered the Fridge Smarts and I was quickly convinced of the value of this collection because it minimizes waste and it incites to eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I chose to open my Tupperware business: I was convinced of the social and environmental aspects of this opportunity, but I was especially seduced by the originality of the experience. In the beginning, I was able to earn that extra income. Gradually, I could see the potential of a career at Tupperware. With a primarily feminine sales force, Tupperware has offered me a unique business opportunity that has led me to financial freedom, authentic recognition and the valorization of myself as a woman. This has motivated me to push myself and not only make it a fulltime career, but to make Tupperware the sole income for my family.

Tupperware changed my quality of life:

  • I can easily balance work and family;
  • I can help women seize their full potential, to help them flourish, to help them grow. When you help a woman to change her life, you have an impact on the life of a family, of a community. You know you have made a difference
  • I share ideas, recipes, tips and tricks on how to adopt healthier eating habits, to limit overconsuming and to have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Tupperware offers me the possibility to travel and to discover new horizons.