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My team is composed of members who share the common values of solidarity and of preservation of the environment. The 112 leaders, including 29 directors, each contribute in their unique way to creating a sense of community within our organization, which has over 1700 members.

Join my team

Our common and predominant values are:

  • Preserving the environment: We offer high quality products that are designed to limit waste and overconsumption, backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Family: we understand the great importance of balancing work and family, and the achievement of common dreams.
  • To surpass ourselves: we have the will to seize our full potential.


By putting forward this modern vision of Tupperware has granted our team a place amongst the most successful teams in North America.

Intergrading my team is away to earn an 1,500$ per moth in extra income by working 8 hours per week, enjoy excusive promotions and a discount of 25%, and be rewarded with great prizes.

Join my young and dynamic team that is driven by the desire to make a difference.  Get a jump-start with our business opportunity kit offered for only 39$ rather than 440$.

Join my team

Don’t hesitate to attend one of our many events held at our team space, located at 5913A Christophe-Colomb, Montreal.