My life in Tupperware’s eSpace

Our offices, or eSpace as we call it, is located at 5913A Christophe-Colomb Montreal, is a place designed to welcome you during out guest events or cooking seminars. It also serves as a networking and training environment for my sales force. In addition, you can make an appointment to come by to place an order of exchange defective products

Exchanging defective products: buy it for life!

Have you inherited your mother’s old Tupperware containers, that probably had inherited them from her own mother, and after generations of cooking meat loaf and molecular cuisine your favorite mixing bowl has decided to die on you? We won’t have it! Did you know that Tupperware containers come with a lifetime warranty? If some of your products are defective, meaning they chip, crack, brake or the airtight seal isn’t working; we will replace them at no cost!

More than a physical space

We call our offices eSpace for a reason. It’s an acronym designed to represent my values, the ones I put forward in my business. Environment, Solidarity, Perseverance, Attitude, a positive attitude, Community and Empowerment are the aspects of my work that nourish me at every moment. My eSpace is what defines me, it what makes me grow as a person. I invite you to define your eSpace and you too, can seize your full potential with Tupperware.