The new Business opportunity kit

Seize the potential full potential of Tupperware: purchase the Business opportunity kit

What would you say to earning 1,400$ by investing about 8 hours a week? Whether it be to take advantage of the 25% discount or to earn an extra income, or event to earn the revenue of an executive all the while being at home. Intergrating my team will give you many advantages. Tupperware is the number 1 business opportunity in direct sales in North America.

From the start you’ll earn 25% profit off your personal sales with the possibility to earn 30% if the criteria of monthly sales volume are met.

All you need to start is the business opportunity kit priced at 80$ (320$ worth in products), and then set the date for your Tupperware launch party. You will be receiving all the necessary Tupperware products, a lot of online tools in order to get started.

If you reach 1,200$ in sales in your first 60 days, Tupperware will reimburse your 80$. So this business opportunity kit will have cost you 0$!

* Taxes and shipping fees included in the price

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