Awards and distinctions

The Summit award

Tupperware has been rewarding a valuable sales force member with the Summit award since 2003. This award recognizes a person with a noble heart, generous spirit and altruist attitude. During the Leadership Summit of 2010, I had the privilege to receive this award.

I often compare my job to a game where I receive amazing prizes when I reach my goals, and in return I offer gifts during my parties where I spend most of time surrounded by positive people who want to have fun! This award proves to me that I’m exactly where I should be. I’m especially happy that I can have a positive impact on others

Receiving this award, surrounded by my directors was a moment that I will cherish forever.

Tupperware Summit Award winner – Caroline Schoofs (pt1)

Recognition at Tupperware

Recognition is an important part of the Tupperware experience and it’s accessible to all.  Many of my team members and myself, have had the chance to be rewarded with many prizes and trips. It has had a significant impact on our self-confidence.

I was awarded my first Tupperware trip back in 2006, it was a trip to my favorite city: New York! Since then, Tupperware has rewarded with 2 trips to Walt Disney World, another trip to NYC (2008), a trip to Argentina (2009), an Alaska cruise (2010), a Mexican escapade (2011), a trip to Hawaii (2012), a weekend in Half-Moon Bay – California (2013), a trip to Italy (2013) and a romantic getaway in Miami (April 2014).

Not only do I get a new company car every 2 years, but Tupperware also takes care of covering all the insurance et registration expenses. I have also had the privilege to be rewarded with 2 cars, numerous jewels and many high-tech products for the whole family!

In 2012, my team was ranked first in North American in terms of team sales. The Circle of confidence program was designed to celebrate the excellence in leadership! We are now part of the Hall of Fame, having been recognized as #1 in Canada for 2015!!!

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