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I am Caroline Schoofs

and Tupperware changed my life!

Thanks to Tupperware, I can significantly contribute to waste reduction, especially food waste while saving time and money in the organization of the weekly meals for my family.

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I succeed in better integrating work and family through a flexible made-to-measure business opportunity. Working in a rewarding setting that promotes women’s empowerment allowed me to rapidly repay my student loans and to achieve financial freedom.

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Latest blog articles

Tupperware’s cherry-lime infused water

July 22 2018

Add some flair to your water and stay refreshed and hydrated all day long. Ingredients 35 frozen or fresh (pitted) cherries, cut in half ½ lime, sliced thin Instructions Add cherries and lime slices to the infuser cone of the 2 L Pitcher. Fill pitcher with water. Attach infuser cone to pitcher top. Refrigerate up … Continue reading Tupperware’s cherry-lime infused water

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Blueberry and grapefruit ice pops with Tupperware!

June 20 2018

Just in time for summer! An easy and refreshing recipe for the Lollitups lovers.. Ingredients: 1½ cups grapefruit juice (make your own with the Press Master Juicer) ½ cup blueberries Instructions: Pour grapefruit juice into Lollitups® Freezable Forms and then divide blueberries between the forms. Freeze.      

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Strawberry Smoothie bowl

June 4 2018

No better way to start the day than with a fresh strawberry smoothie bowl. Here’s a perfect recipe for the warm summer days. Ingredients: 3 cups of  frozen strawberries a couple of mint or basil leafs 1/4 cup of warm water Toppings such as : chopped nuts, chia seeds, coconut, dried or fresh fruits, etc. … Continue reading Strawberry Smoothie bowl

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Pressure cooker decadent peanut butter Reese cup dessert.

April 27 2018

Here’s a delicious and decadent recipe everyone will love!   Ingredients: 3 Eggs 1 Super Moist yellow Cake Mix 1 Cup Water ½ Cup Peanut Butter (I use plain) 1/3 Cup Butter softened Chocolate sauce ( 2/3 cup of chocolate chips and 1/3 cup of cream 10% heated in the microwave for about 45 seconds. … Continue reading Pressure cooker decadent peanut butter Reese cup dessert.

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