The environmentally friendly lunchbox

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Select ‘Shop’, then ‘On the Go’

On the go cutlery set

No Time to Waste

Sandwich keepers

Super snack set

bols idéaux

Ideal lit-l bowls


Large Lunch-It container

gobelets impression

Impressions tumblers

bols à céréalesMicrowave Cereal Bowls

Big Wonders Large Bowl set

ECO To-Go cups

Tupperware 360 Commuter mug

Large ECO water bottle petites bouteillesSmall ECO water bottle Medium ECO water bottle

ECO Straw set

brosse ECO bottle brush bosses gobeletsTumbler brushes
gobelet isolantInsulated tumbler Salad on the Go set
Hot Food on the Go set

Easy-open Thermal Flask

Select ‘Shop’, then ‘Food storage’, and ‘microwave safe’

Vent ‘N Serve® 7-Pc. Set
Vent’N Serve round divided
Vent ‘N Serve® 2-Pc. Medium Set
Vent N’ Serve medium shallow set Vent ‘N Serve Small Round Set

CrystalWave 4pcs set

CrystalWave® 1L Rectangular CrystalWave® Soup Mugs (2) CrystalWave® 600mL

CrystalWave® PLUS Lunch’n Dish with Cold Cup

CrystalWave® 2L

CrystalWave® PLUS divided dish