20 different ways to use the Fresh N’ Pure ice trays

20 different ways to use the Fresh N’ Pure ice trays®


Pesto: Fill in each cube with pesto, cover, than freeze! For a quick and easy dinner, put the cubes in a stainless steel mixing bowl and place it over the Chef Series 6 Qt./5.6L Dutch Oven while the pasta is cooking (creating an improvised double boiler). The heat from the water will melt and reheat the pesto just in time to spread it over your cooked pasta.

Broths, gravies and sauces: Fill in each cube with broth, gravy or sauce, cover and freeze. Take cubes as needed.

Lemon and/or lime juice: Fill in the cube with the lemon and/or lime juice that you have extruded using the Zest N Press Gadget, cover and freeze. Take cubes as needed to add punch of acidity or lemon flavor to your cooked dishes.

Homemade baby food: You can freeze small quantities of purred fruit, vegetables, porridges and meats in cubes. Fill each cube, cover and freeze to serve your baby fresh and untransformed foods. Use the cubes as needed, you may thaw them and/or reheat them, then feed your hungry baby!

Fresh herbs: The Quick Chef Pro System allows you to finely chop fresh herbs. Place 2 tablespoons of fresh herbs into each cube then add 1 tablespoon of water, cover then freeze. Just use the cubes of herbs when you need to flavor sauces, soups, stews and salsas.

Leftover wine: Fill each cube with any king of wine, cover then freeze. It’s the perfect addition to your sauces. It may alter the color but it won’t affect the taste!

Juice and pudding slushies: Fill the cubes with juice or pudding, cover and freeze. When your ready to eat them, place the desired amount of cubes in a snack cup and let thaw until it reaches the texture of gelato.

Frozen fruits: To add the perfect garnish to a festive summer drink, place pieces of strawberries, raspberries, lemon/lime zest, pineapple and raisins. Add water, cover and freeze. Just add the colorful cubes to any drink!

Buttermilk: Fill the cube, cover and freeze. Buttermilk can be frozen to be used in baking. If you wish to use the buttermilk to make salad dressing, just put the cubes in the Quick Chef Pro with the blades in place, and chop the cubes until the buttermilk reaches it’s original texture.

Egg whites and yolks: Fill each cube with egg whites / yolks, cover and freeze. Use them in recipes that require egg whites or yolks.

Pancake and waffle batter: Fill each cube with batter, cover and freeze. When your ready to use, put the cube directly into the hot pan, as it melts spread the batter and cook your pancake as usual.

Coffee and tea: Don’t add water to your beverages; fill the trays with coffee or tea, cover and freeze. Use the cubes when you make iced tea or iced coffee!

Tomato paste and tomato sauce: Perfect for when you need just a little bit for a recipe. Fill the cubes, cover and freeze. Use as needed.

Sauce leftovers: Fill each cube with the leftover sauce, cover and freeze. Use as needed.

Gelatin squares: Prepare the recipe according to the directions on the box. Pour the liquid mix in the tray and refrigerated until solidified. To unmold, place a small knife under hot water and gently detach the cubes from the trays.

Flavored cubes: Fill the cubes with your favorite fruit juice or any other of your favorite fruit beverages, cover then freeze. Use the cubes to flavor iced tea or other beverages and/or add flavor to your water in your Tupperware Eco bottle.

Onions, garlic, chili peppers, carrots and celery: Chop these vegetables in the Quick Chef pro system. Put 2 tablespoons of vegetables per cube, the then add 1 tablespoon of water, cover then freeze. Makes the perfect addition to any casserole, sauce, stew or salsa.

Chocolate molds and/or chocolate fondant: Prepare the fondant according to directions on the box. Fill the cubes with the chocolate, cover and freeze. To unmold, place a small knife under hot water and gently detach the cubes from the trays.

Leftover condiments: Fill the cubes with leftover condiments like mustard, ketchup, bar-b-cue sauce, salsa or relish, cover then freeze. Thaw and use as condiments or in recipes.

Cookie dough: Always have cookie dough on hand. Fill the cubes with a rounded teaspoon, cover and freeze. Lightly thaw, place on a baking sheet and cook in the oven as directed by the recipe.

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