On earth day choose Tupperware!

On a daily basis, eco-friendly eating habits, while minimizing waste and overconsumption are the essential elements of the message I put forward in promoting Tupperware products. We have a wide range of products that help in this perspective: The Modular Mates allows us to buy supplies in bulk and store dry foods and to keep them for longer periods of time. With the FridgeSmarts we can conserve our organic and locally purchased fruits and vegetables, and prolong their lifespan considerably. As for our eco-friendly lunch box, which generates virtually no trash, the possibilities are endless with all the options of tumblers, sandwich keepers, snack cups, midgets and our small microwave-safe containers.

The savings in generated waste and trash is substantial when we are well equipped in Tupperware containers, and when you add the Tupperliving microfiber collection, it’s so multifunctional it’ll clean just about anything: counters, dishes, mirrors, windows and stainless steel of even for dusting. And our Sport Bottles and Eco bottles eliminated the need for single use water bottles. According to Recyc-Québec, on 10 single use bottles, only one will be recycled; 9 of then will end up in a landfill…

Knowing that the province of Quebec hold the not-so-desirable title of the world Champion in generated trash with an average of 1.5tons/person/ year (Recyc-Qc), I dare ask that you reduce your carbon footprint and opt for durable and lifetime guaranteed Tupperware products!

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