Roasted chicken in the microwave!


  • 1 chicken, between 2 and 3 pounds
  • Southwest Chipotle Seasoning blend


  1. Make a cut beneath the thigh (incision at the groin) to allow the fat to evacuate.
  2. Rub the Southwest chipotle seasoning bien onto the chicken.
  3. Place the cone in the center of the 3L Tupperware container, and place chicken onto cone (as if the chicken was sitting on the cone).
  4. When cooking chicken in the microwave follow this simple rule: 14 minutes for the 1st pounds and add 7 minutes for every additional pound. Cook at power level medium (7)
  5. Let rest 1/3 of the cooking time, then enjoy!

Cooking time example : For a 3 pound chicken: 14 minutes for the 1st pound et 2 times 7 minutes, for a total of 28 minutes.

Note: For a crispy skin, cook an extra 5 minutes, uncovered at power level hi (10)

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Tupperondes epices chipotle du sudouest


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