The Tupperware Chef Series Pro Series

Key Features and Benefits

  • Clad (or Tri-Ply) construction consists of aluminum layered and fused between inner and outer sheets of stainless steel.
  • The thickness of the aluminum core is consistent through the encapsulated bases to ensure even and more efficient heat conduction on all cooking surfaces (gas, electric, ceramic and induction).
  • Exteriors feature a mirror polish to enhance the beauty and luster of exceptional 18/10-gauge stainless steel.
  • Cast-hollow handles offer a superior grip and stay cool to the touch when cooking, allowing you to transfer foods from any cooking surface to a plate or platter with ease and confidence. Caution: Solid portion of handle will become hot.
  • Laser printing with measurements in quarts and liters are featured inside the Saucepans, Sauté Pans, Dutch Ovens and Stockpots.
  • Bases and stainless steel covers are safe for use in conventional ovens up to 450o F/232 o C.
  • Tempered glass covers enable you to view contents while cooking and are safe for use in conventional ovens at temperatures up to 350o F/177o C.

Product specifications


  • Handwash in hot water, rince and dry.

Capacity or Dimensions :

  • All-Purpose Pan: 4 qt./3.8 L with seal
  • Saucepan: 3 Qt./2.8 L with Tempered Glass Strainer Cover
  • Sauté Pan: 6 Qt./5.7 L with Tempered Glass Cover
  • Dutch Oven /Stockpot: 6 Qt./5.7 L with Stainless Steel Cover, 12 Qt./11.4 L with Tempered Glass Cover o Stockpot: 20 Qt./19 L with Tempered Glass Cover
  • Casserole Pan with Cover: 14”/35 cm with Tempered Glass Cover
  • Fry Pans: 8″/20 cm with Tempered Glass Cover, 11”/28 cm with Tempered Glass Cover
  • Griddle: 12″/30 cm with nonstick coating

Lifetime warranty against defects in the material or workmanship under normal, non commercial or household use. Warranty coverage on glass covers does not include breakage due to dropping.

Cooking with stainless steel frying pan.

  • Cooking in a stainless steel casserole is ideal to fry, perfect to braise, amazing to steam or poach, and exactly what it takes to let a meal simmer.
  • Cooking meats or fish in a stainless steel frying pan, without adding any fat, is easier than you might think!

Start by testing with water drops

  • Pre-heat the pan at medium intensity, without adding fat, oil or food.
  • Check temperature by adding some water drops. If they “roll”, it means the desired temperature has been reached.
  • To make sure that the meat is evenly touching the frying pan, use a Tupperware Spatula to press down on the meat.
  • Don’t try to turn the pieces of meat or fish over too fast by using force. Simply wait until they detach from the cooking surface by themselves, and then turn them over.
  • It is perfectly normal for the cooking juices to stick to the bottom of the pan. Just make a sauce out of them, by adding a liquid and let it simmer. The pan will also be easier to clean.
  • If you wish to cook a sauce, the first step is to take the meat out of the pan, and then to add the liquid of your choice, such as cream, honey, balsamic vinegar, water, broth, etc and mix it with the cooking juices. Put the meat back and let it stand for 2 minutes.
  • If you want a richer taste and a more appetizing look, you can definitely cook with a little bit of fat.

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