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The Tupperware FridgeSmarts, the magic containers?

Did you know that on average, a family of 4 throws out 24 pounds of fruits and vegetables every month?

Get the best out of your grocery budget with the FridgeSmart containers; they’re made to extend the life of your fruits and vegetables.

  1. Fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer when they can “breathe”. The FridgeSmart containers are equipped with the innovative EZ sliders to control the air quantity in every single container.
  2. Since some types of fruits and veggies require different air fluxes in order to keep them fresh, each container has a three-position slider on its cover. This slider can be “open”, “closed” or “half and half”; which gives you three different ventilation settings.
  3. A simple, easy to use reference table situated on the front of each container gives you a list of the most popular fruits and vegetables, and shows you how to set the slider according to the type of produce so they only get the air they need to keep their freshness.
  4. The incorporated grid at the bottom of every container keeps the fruits and veggies above condensation, preventing waste.
  5. As opposed to bags, The FridgeSmart Containers allow you to stack your produce without crushing and smothering them.
  6. These modular and stackable containers help you get the best out of your refrigerator’s space.
  7. The rounded corners of the containers and the large groove of the lids make them easy to clean. They are also dishwasher-safe with no risk of erasing the reference table.
  8. Fruits and veggies can easily be identified at a glance due to the see-through containers.
  9. Reduce the amount of food that ends up in the thrash.

To order, click on the image below:

A great demonstration idea you can make at your next Tupperware party.

Dare to do the broccoli challenge! Two to three weeks prior to your party, buy two broccoli heads, wrapped in plastic. Un-wrap one and put it directly in your refrigerator and take the plastic off the second one and place it in a Small Deep FridgeSmart container with the slider on the “open” position. When the day of the party arrives, ask your host to take the two broccolis out of the fridge in order to show her guests how the broccoli that was put in a FridgeSmart has a better look, freshness and taste.

Save a lot of money in your refrigerator thanks to Tupperware!

You normally keep 4 types of food in your refrigerator, which we throw away because they perish before we get the time to eat them: Fruits and vegetables, dairy produce, meats/ fish and alternatives, and finally the leftovers.

Let’s start with the ones we throw away the most, our fruits and vegetables: celery, tomatoes, carrots, green onion, asparagus, berries, mushrooms, lettuce, bean sprouts, spinach, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, raisins, fresh herbs, bell peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, melons, etc.

Now, here are 3 simple questions:

  1. What is the total cost for your weekly groceries that is allocated to your fruits and veggies?
  2. How much of that total is actually thrown away because they perished too soon?
  3. What is the total value that an average family of 4 (2 adults- 2 kids) throws away, considering only fruits and vegetables?

Answer: An average family, will throw away about 500$ in perished fruits and vegetables in a year, which represents 10$/ week!

Solution = The FridgeSmarts!


Here are the key features of the FridgeSmart collection:

  • FridgeSmart Containers are modular and stackable, like a set of Legos, to maximize space in your refrigerator. They allow you to stack your produce without crushing and smothering them.
  • Containers are isolated for a more stable temperature even if the fridge door is open and closed often.
  • When stacked in the refrigerator, translucent containers allow easy viewing of contents. Ideally stored at eye level.
  • Each container features a transparent base and a seal containing the air-circulation system with venting holes and an EZ slider for a better control of humidity and gas levels.
  • Containers are on legs to allow air circulation around the Fridge smarts so that stacking does not hinder ventilation.
  • Easy-to-clean, built-in grid keeps contents away from moisture collected in the base and ensures airflow around produce, reducing spoilage.

Dairy produce

Organizing your refrigerator also means storing your dairy produce in the best containers in order to keep them fresher, longer, to portion them if necessary and to store in the right place to maximize the space in your fridge.

For example yogurt; bought in large containers is less expensive and generates less trash than the ones sold in individual portions. It would be beneficial to divide it into small airtight and watertight containers to be ready for consumption at any moment (in lunches, breakfasts etc.). These small containers can be stored on a shelf in the refrigerator with your applesauce, fruit salads and other individually prepared desserts. By buying yogurt in a 750g format you save money, you pollute less and you can prepare portions in order to fit your family’s needs.

pichet impression 2lpetits friands

Milk is less expensive when you buy the larger size. However, you don’t want to waste it, you need to drink it all before the expiration date. In order to keep your milk tasting fresh, I recommend purchasing two 2L Classic pitchers; they are airtight and slim, they can be stored in the fridge door. By keeping your milk in an airtight pitcher, it’ll remain tasting fresh and maintain its temperature longer. By buying milk in 4L formats rather than 2L formats, you can save at least 14$ per year.

ens 3 sandwichs fraicheurFreeze-it ens moyen

Cheese is prone to drying out and mold if it’s not stored in the proper airtight container. The Freeze-it collection, as well as the sandwich-keepers (even if they were designed for sandwichs) are perfect for the job. Your cheese purchase easily add up to about 10$ per week. If you throw away only 1$ worth of cheese per week that totals up to 52$ at the end of the year.

Beurrier 1L

Butter… It hardens and is prone to mold if not stored properly. But butter will also absorb any smell if your refrigerator, even the one fro its metallic wrapper and it will alter it’s taste. The Tupperware butter dish fits a whole pound of butter in its rectangular shape and it will fit in the designated area in your refrigerator.

Meats, fish and alternatives

They represent the wasted foods that hurt the most because they are the most expensive part of our groceries. On average, a family will spend between 50 and 60$ on meats and alternatives. If you throw out only 1/10 of it (and let’s be honest, it’s usually much more than that), it adds up to 260$ per year!!

Eggs; You can make this test at home, take a marker and write a large X on your egg and leave it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. When you break the shell, you will see just how porous an eggshell really is. If order to keep your eggs tasting fresh, keep them in an airtight containers to avoid them drying out and so their taste isn’t affect by anything else in your refrigerator.

Tofu, just like your marinades, is best kept in an airtight container, like the square pick-a-deli in order to keep it fresh longer.

As for Cold cuts, the stackable set not only helps to keep them fresher longer, but they also make for compact and practical storage. No more dried out or viscous cold cuts!

Chicken, beef, pork and fish should always be frozen to maximize their conservation time, up until the eve of their consumption. Thus avoiding the frustration of throwing them out. Once the meat is thawed, it’s important to place it in the refrigerator (in a square or rectangle container to maximize storage space) portioned accordingly to the recipe that you are about to prepare (in order to minimize the bacteria transmission between both used and unused portions of meat).

marinadier carréens superpo-frigo famillialFreeze-it ens famillial

Beverages / Juice:

You can save a lot of money if you buy your juice from concentrated cans or if you make it fresh from home. You can dilute it to your taste and store it on the fridge door in an Impression 2L pitcher or on a shelf in a Classic 4l Pitcher. If your family drinks on average 4L of juice per week, you can save at least 52$ per year by making your juice from concentrate.

BreuvagierMaître fusion - presse-jus

The leftovers

We keep them to avoid throwing food out, we like to use them in the lunch box, but the next day we get bored and want variety. And then the day after that we forget that we even have them. Then we come home with new groceries 2 days later and we push everything in front of the leftovers. Tip: Place your leftover food in our Vent N’Serve containers and send them to the freezer. Take them out of the freezer 24 hours before consumption and place in your refrigerator. Simply reheat in the microwave oven and enjoy. You could even take them out of the freezer and send the directly to the microwave for reheating without need to let thaw first! This way we’ll never throw out a leftover again!


It’s simple math to add up how much money you could save with our Tupperware containers. You could save up to 1,000$ per year, all the while reducing your environmental impact.

A glass container or a Tupperware plastic container?

Let’s revisit one of the greatest myths of the environmental folklore: “Glass is greener than plastic”.

In order to reduce our environment footprint, I encourage you to use our sustainable Tupperware products instead of glass.

Glass production requires almost twice the energy needed to produce plastic, largely due to the very high temperature required for its transformation (source: Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute, 2008).

Glass releases almost three times more pollution in the atmosphere than plastic. (Source: Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute, 2008). Pollution created by fossil fuels during fabrication, transportation and expedition of glass products is greater than that of plastic.

Glass releases almost seven times the amount of gas emissions than that of plastic. (Source: Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute, 2008).

In order to mock the “Mason Jar” trend just a little bit, here’s an excerpt (and translation) from Jordan Dupuis’ article, « La mode selon J: la mode du pot Masson », that was published on April 7th 2014 on the Urbania website.

“ OK friends, we have to admit one thing, the Mason Jar was invented on November 30, 1858, so approximately 156 years ago.

Can someone explain to me why hipsters and all the Ricardo-crazed office ladies are totally crazy, and want to put all their food in Mason Jars and, on top of that, are speaking of it as if it was the greatest invention of mankind since the quest for fire?

I understand the airtight and semi-green side of it, but how can a salad in a Mason Jar be more practical than one in a Tupperware container that we carefully make sure not to forget at work, or that we intentionally forget to give back to our mother when we bring back leftovers from our parents’ house? I don’t know. All I know is that a Mason jar weighs 22 pounds, it’s hard to clean and it’s made to can food.

The ultimate Mason jar trend is to drink water from it and take it everywhere, just like a calabash. Once again, let’s be honest: drinking from a Mason jar, with its thick edge is very unpleasant and, on top of that, you look like a hobo. Funny enough, the followers of this new trendy fashion are the first to complain about the thickness of their wine glass at a restaurant: that it gives them the feeling of sucking on cheap wine from a glass bought at Dollar store. That’s a strange paradox.

In short, the Mason jar is a monumental rip-off, unless you want to make some marinades during fall, preserve some home-made Josée DiStasio tomato sauce or stock up some of your mother’s spaghetti sauce…”

Here is our new Fundraising brochure!!!

This fundraising program can be of use to anyone: schools, sports teams, daycare centers, hospitals, different « walk for the cure » type events, class trips, cheerleading clubs, ice skating clubs, any other personal projects.

How does it work?

40% of the sales, before tax, will be given to the organization that has registered for the fundraiser, as soon as all the clients personal checks have been cashed. It’s possible to pay by check (in the name of Caroline Schoofs), in cash, by Visa or MasterCard.

2014 tax tables


All the order will be wrapped individually and delivered to a central location, as determined by the person in charge of the fundraiser. It’s also possible to create a virtual presentation using TupperConnect for the people who wish to participate but are unable to attend. The products will then be delivered directly to the client via Purolator and Tupperware will send the check (40% of the sales) directly to the organization.

Share this opportunity to make a difference in your community

The Tupperware SmartSteamer

Here’s a great solution developed by Tupperware to help you eat healthy meals whilst cooking quickly: The SmartSteamer.

With the SmartSteamer, it is not the microware that cooks the food. Thanks to its ingenious design, the microwaves are deflected to the water plate underneath, causing the water to boil and, subsequently let the steam go in the top compartments and cook the food.

Steam-cooking is one of the best way to prepare a meal because it helps the food to keep their nutriments, their fatty acids and their vitamins, while maintaining their color, their texture and their flavor. It is also one of the most delicious ways of cooking!

Includes one 400 ml reservoir, one steaming plate, one strainer and one cover.

Intelli-Vapp23 smart meals

Give the perfect gift: Let them choose their own Tupperware products!

You’re having trouble deciding which Tupperware product to give to someone on your list? Offer them a Tupperware e-Gift certificate by clicking on the image above. Just add your personal message and choose the amount (10$ minimum), and we’ll do the rest! Your recipient will receive an email detailing how to redeem their e-Gift certificate through this link:

My « Tupp » 5 hosts – October 2013

Here’s my « Tupp » 5 hosts in sales for the month of October 2013!

1. Josée Charlebois

With party sales of 1,302$; a few outside orders, 16 guests in attendance! In Gatineau.

2. Nathalie Blanchard

Hostess to a fundraising party to benefit Centraide, the party took place at the Montreal City Hall at lunch time, 1,042$ in sales in1 hour and by cooking 4 recipes; salsa, roasted chicken in the microwave, apple crumble and caramel popcorn!

3. Vicky Vézina

New team member, she had a great launch party with 909$ in sales. In Gatineau.

4. Caroline Robitaille

Hosted her party in her dream kitchen and sold for 900$ with 8 guests in attendance, In Quebec city.

5. Yasmina Benmira

Chose to join our team and start a series of successful parties for “record breaker month”! 875$ in sales, held in Montreal.

Thanks to you 5, and to all my hosts and clients, you make my job so much fun and gratifying!

The various uses of our most famous gadget: The Tupperware Orange Peeler!

Here’s everything you can do with our world famous Tupperware Orange Peeler!

1. Screwdriver
2. Peel a citrus
3. Peel an avocado
4. Unmold muffins
5. A hook to dip pretzels
6. A stick to stir drinks
7. Camping hook
8. Put on your shoes
9. Butter knife
10. Aerate the lawn
11. Remove a fishhook from a fish
12. Remove the shell from hard-boiled eggs
13. Check on a cake’s baking.
14. Open plastic bags
15. Remove potato eyes.
16. Unwrap a CD or a DVD
17. Remove wax on furniture
18. Separate cheese slices
19. Remove staples
20. Open an envelope
21. Remove paper from a can
22. Clean the seal of a lid
23. Push cuticles
24. Clean the windows grooves. And now – Separate the washable lid from the Chop N’ Prep head.

25.  And now – Separate the washable lid from the Chop N’ Prep head.

September Tupp Hosts!

Here’s my « Tupp » 3 hosts in sales for the month of September 2013!

1. Alessandro DiPietro

With party sales of 1,302$; a few outside orders and 6 guests in attendance.

2. Josée Mathieu

Host to a virtual party, she sold 68 Flatout sets and 918$ in sales, all from her colleagues at Air Transat!

3. Annie Girouard

Host to a party with 860$ in sales, with 3 guests in attendance and 9 outside orders, Annie has chosen to join the team and she will be the Consultant for the 2 datings to come!

Thanks to you 3, and to all my hosts and clients, you make my job so much fun and gratifying!

20 different ways to use the Fresh N’ Pure ice trays

20 different ways to use the Fresh N’ Pure ice trays®


Pesto: Fill in each cube with pesto, cover, than freeze! For a quick and easy dinner, put the cubes in a stainless steel mixing bowl and place it over the Chef Series 6 Qt./5.6L Dutch Oven while the pasta is cooking (creating an improvised double boiler). The heat from the water will melt and reheat the pesto just in time to spread it over your cooked pasta.

Broths, gravies and sauces: Fill in each cube with broth, gravy or sauce, cover and freeze. Take cubes as needed.

Lemon and/or lime juice: Fill in the cube with the lemon and/or lime juice that you have extruded using the Zest N Press Gadget, cover and freeze. Take cubes as needed to add punch of acidity or lemon flavor to your cooked dishes.

Homemade baby food: You can freeze small quantities of purred fruit, vegetables, porridges and meats in cubes. Fill each cube, cover and freeze to serve your baby fresh and untransformed foods. Use the cubes as needed, you may thaw them and/or reheat them, then feed your hungry baby!

Fresh herbs: The Quick Chef Pro System allows you to finely chop fresh herbs. Place 2 tablespoons of fresh herbs into each cube then add 1 tablespoon of water, cover then freeze. Just use the cubes of herbs when you need to flavor sauces, soups, stews and salsas.

Leftover wine: Fill each cube with any king of wine, cover then freeze. It’s the perfect addition to your sauces. It may alter the color but it won’t affect the taste!

Juice and pudding slushies: Fill the cubes with juice or pudding, cover and freeze. When your ready to eat them, place the desired amount of cubes in a snack cup and let thaw until it reaches the texture of gelato.

Frozen fruits: To add the perfect garnish to a festive summer drink, place pieces of strawberries, raspberries, lemon/lime zest, pineapple and raisins. Add water, cover and freeze. Just add the colorful cubes to any drink!

Buttermilk: Fill the cube, cover and freeze. Buttermilk can be frozen to be used in baking. If you wish to use the buttermilk to make salad dressing, just put the cubes in the Quick Chef Pro with the blades in place, and chop the cubes until the buttermilk reaches it’s original texture.

Egg whites and yolks: Fill each cube with egg whites / yolks, cover and freeze. Use them in recipes that require egg whites or yolks.

Pancake and waffle batter: Fill each cube with batter, cover and freeze. When your ready to use, put the cube directly into the hot pan, as it melts spread the batter and cook your pancake as usual.

Coffee and tea: Don’t add water to your beverages; fill the trays with coffee or tea, cover and freeze. Use the cubes when you make iced tea or iced coffee!

Tomato paste and tomato sauce: Perfect for when you need just a little bit for a recipe. Fill the cubes, cover and freeze. Use as needed.

Sauce leftovers: Fill each cube with the leftover sauce, cover and freeze. Use as needed.

Gelatin squares: Prepare the recipe according to the directions on the box. Pour the liquid mix in the tray and refrigerated until solidified. To unmold, place a small knife under hot water and gently detach the cubes from the trays.

Flavored cubes: Fill the cubes with your favorite fruit juice or any other of your favorite fruit beverages, cover then freeze. Use the cubes to flavor iced tea or other beverages and/or add flavor to your water in your Tupperware Eco bottle.

Onions, garlic, chili peppers, carrots and celery: Chop these vegetables in the Quick Chef pro system. Put 2 tablespoons of vegetables per cube, the then add 1 tablespoon of water, cover then freeze. Makes the perfect addition to any casserole, sauce, stew or salsa.

Chocolate molds and/or chocolate fondant: Prepare the fondant according to directions on the box. Fill the cubes with the chocolate, cover and freeze. To unmold, place a small knife under hot water and gently detach the cubes from the trays.

Leftover condiments: Fill the cubes with leftover condiments like mustard, ketchup, bar-b-cue sauce, salsa or relish, cover then freeze. Thaw and use as condiments or in recipes.

Cookie dough: Always have cookie dough on hand. Fill the cubes with a rounded teaspoon, cover and freeze. Lightly thaw, place on a baking sheet and cook in the oven as directed by the recipe.